1741 William Roscow – gravesite

1741 gravesite of William Roscow, VA

Photo Source:”Endless Harbor, the Story of Newport News”, by Parke Rouse, Jr. pg8

Report from Library of Congress:

Source: Library of Virginia Digital Collection
LVA Titled Files: Survey Report, Wilbern graveyard:
                  1937 June 14
                  Research made by Dorothy Diffenderfer
Cemetery Location:  7.2 mile south of Denbigh, Virginia, on Route #60, thence
                    1.6 miles west on Route #100, thence .3 mile south on
                    private road, on east side.
                    City of Newport News, Virginia
1741, date of oldest grave (marker).
Roscow family were the original owners.
Wilbern family are the present owners. (1937)

This graveyard originally belonged to the Roscow estate, and was called the Roscow burying ground.  In later years the Wilberns bought the property, and some of the family were buried there, so it is now called the Wilbern burying ground.
This family burying ground lies not far distant from the site of the colonial house, in a field; but a small group of tall trees guard the sacred ground and turn away the ploughshares.  A single tomb remains on the plot, and that has been remodeled in recent years.   A new brick base was made, and the broken slab was cemented together.  The inscriptions are barely readable.  Above the inscriptions there appears the coat of arms, a lion rampant, surmounted by a helmet and scroll work.  There is evidence of other graves, but there are no markers.  This graveyard is not kept in good condition.

Here was the last resting place of one of the most illustrious descendants of the Roscow family, William Roscow, and his wife, Mary Wilson.  Through the interest of Miss  Elizabeth Ivy, this old tomb has been preserved in recent years.  The old burying ground is still used.  A number of the Wilbern family, who now own the tract, were buried there as late of 1922.  Other graves of more recent years are those of an old negro house servant, formerly a slave in the Wilbern family, and an old hermit who lived in a shack on the place, and was found dead about 25 years ago on his doorstep.  He was given a last resting place beside the scions of the Roscow and Wilbern families.
Following is the inscription from the Roscow tomb:
Under this stone lyeth the Body of
William Roscow
Gentleman who was born at Charley
in the County of Lancaster on the
30th day of November Anno Dom 1661
And departed this life at Blunt Point
In Ye County of Warwick
the X day of November Anno Dom 1705
And in the 36th year of his age
Also here lyes the Body of Mary
wife of above William Roscow
And daughter of Col. Wm. Wilson
of Elizabeth City County who
Was born in Oct. 1675
And dyed Jan. the 11, 1741
in the 67th year of her age
Tombstone Inscriptions
“Foundations Bear Mute Evidence of Former Grandeur”, an article in the Daily Press of Newport News, Virginia, page 12, published Sunday, November 18, 1928.

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